GoldenTea – grow virtual tea!


You may exchange coins for Tea Bushes, which will bring you game resources in coin and gold equivalent! The more expensive the bush is, the more resources it brings.
Big bush
Price: 1 000 000
10 000 leaves / hour
360 000 / month
Medium bush
Price: 100 000
1 000 leaves / hour
36 000 / month
Small bush
Price: 10 000
100 leaves / hour
3 600 / month
Price: 20 000
Protects crops from flocks of birds ? Once a day, a flock of birds can attack your field and peck part of your crop from uncollected leaves. A scarecrow prevents an attack and preserves your crop in full.
Guard dog
Price: 30 000
Protects against thieves attack?Other players can send thieves to your field and steal part of your crop from uncollected leaves. A Guard dog drives thieves away and preserves your harvest in full.