GoldenTea – grow virtual tea!

(13.10.2019) Update

Hello friends, we are releasing a portion of updates on our project!
1) We have added a button to "Water all bushes"on your playing field. Your tea bushes need regular watering. Watering is free, which means you do not have to spend coins or gold on it! Please note that before each watering your crop will be harvested. The to Water the bushes every day. If the bushes do not get enough water, they will cease to please you with a large harvest:
    • If watering was not up to one day, your harvest will be complete, that is, will be 100%;
    • in the absence of irrigation for up to three days, your crop will decrease and will be 90%;
    • if you do not water the bushes until one week, the yield will fall to 80%;
    • If you do not water the bushes for up to two weeks, the yield will be 70%;
    • if the bushes remain without water for up to 1 month, the yield will be reduced and will be 60%;
    • If you do not water the bushes for up to 4 months, their yield will be 50%.
    • if the bushes are left without watering for a period of 4 months, then your plantation will come drought: all the bushes will die and will be removed from the field.
2) If you do not have time to water the bushes every day, we advise you to use the function automatic watering! To do this, click on the "ON" button, after which your bushes will be watered automatically! The cost of this function is 5 energy per day.
3) If you want to get a big harvest as quickly as possible, use the function SUPERBUST! By clicking on SUPERBUST, within 1 hour you will get 10 times more leaves! Function cost: 10 units of energy. Collect the harvest you can at the end of 1 hour. Please note that you can use SUPERBUST without any restrictions!
Interesting updates are waiting for you, thank you for being with us!